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Dayglow Empire is an anti-shmup platform runner made entirely in 10 days for Cyberpunk Jam 2014.

Dayglow is a highly controlled psychoactive substance. With the number of insurgents of the Order dwindling, it's more difficult than ever to get your hands on it and more dangerous than ever to run. Stay safe out there.


  • Cyberpunk storyline voiced by a robotic narrator (stand still at the beginning of each level if you want to hear it!)
  • Gorgeous pixelated environments and characters
  • 4 levels of increasing difficulty with varying challenges (ducks, traffic lights, moving platforms, speed limit signs, and the fuzz with their fucking turret plasma ray combo)
  • Awesome retro-future soundtrack with a fresh song on every level


A = Run left (and air control)
D = Run right (and air control)
Space = Jump (hold to jump higher)


  • Keep moving! You won't be able to jump far without building up some momentum first.


Code, music, and sound by Nox
Art and animation by Lux


Thanks to AderuMoro for the vocal samples used for the main character.


dayglow_empire-jam_3.exe 29 MB